Naztech 50W Ultimate Power Station AFC USB C Wall Charger w/ Qi + 4000 mAh Portable Power Bank


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Key Features

Naztech’s Ultimate Power Station is more than just a centralized place for all your charging needs, it’s a unique space saver with a powerful 4000mAh portable power bank.

Featuring a sophisticated wireless charger, a 5 USB charging hub and an ultra-compact portable battery, the Naztech Ultimate Power Station is the all-in-one charging solution you’ve been waiting for! Charge up to 6 power-hungry devices at the same time from a single AC wall outlet. With 50 watts of pure rapid charging power, the Ultimate is the perfect and practical solution for homes and offices with limited outlets and multiple devices that need high-speed charging.

Wireless Charger + 5 USB Ports

Never fight over an outlet again! The Ultimate transforms one wall outlet into a 6-device charging station! Ideal for households, offices, and multi-device users with limited access to wall outlets and multiple devices that need high-speed charging.

Power Up in a Flash

The blue port is engineered with cutting-edge Adaptive Fast Charge (AFC) Technology that can power up compatible devices faster and more efficiently than standard chargers. Go from drained to 50% full in just 30 minutes!

How AFC Technology Works

This specialized technology is designed to safely push and pull higher voltages than standard USB can support. The voltage output dynamically adjusts throughout the charging cycle for fast, efficient and safe charging.

*Adaptive Fast Charge is compatible with select phone models that feature fast charging.

Universal USB Power

Whether your devices are Micro USB, Lightning, USB-C, Fast Charge, or a mix of them all, the Ultimate will charge everything with ease!

Power Indoors & On-the-Go

The compact 4000mAh battery has enough power to double your phone’s battery life! It integrates perfectly into the base as an additional USB port and also provides high-speed portable power whenever you step outdoors.

Auto Device Recognition

IntelliQ Smart Chips detect each device’s exact power needs and adjust the power flow automatically to deliver the fastest and most efficient charging experience possible.

Guaranteed Reliability

Naztech products are performance tested and vetted through a rigorous quality inspection process to ensure reliability. Naztech offers friendly customer service and a Limited Two Year Warranty to the original purchaser that the product shall be free of defects in design, assembly, material or workmanship.

Weight 19.07 ounces
Output Connections USB Type-C; Qi Wireless
Additional Features •18W Adaptive Fast Charge via USB
•Fast Wireless adaptive Qi charging for Android and iPhone
•5 USB A/USB C charging ports
•Built-in OmniProtect safety
•Overcurrent protection, power overload recovery & overcharge protection
•2 year warranty
Package Contents
Included in Box Ultimate Power Station, Power Bank, AC Power Cable & User Manual
Services 24 Months
Battery Type Lithium Ion